Timing of Namaz and its Rakats

People often ask, why Muslim offer five time namaz or prayer each day? Namaz is the central part of a way of life, which is based on submission to the Creator of us all. Namaz is one of the Pillar in Islam. To learn Quran and Namaz is necessary for every Muslim in the world. Learning namaz and praying it five times a day makes you feel safe. Modern society thinks of it as some kind of burden or pressure.

It is clearly said in Holy Quran the basic purpose of life is to worship Allah Almighty. Through namaz also called Salat or Salah, one can communicate directly with Allah Almighty. Additionally, it restrains the person from the bad habits and evil deeds. The Holy Prophet (PB.UH) in His Hadith, mention that the key to heaven is prayer.

The 5 Times Daily Prayers:

Basically, the namaz times are set according to the movement of the sun. the five time salat names are:
  1. Fajar ( dawn, before sunset)
  2. Zuhr (middy, after the sun passes its highest)
  3. Asar (the late part of the afternoon)
  4. Maghrib (just after sunset)
  5. Isha (between sunset and midnight)

Benefits of 5 Times Namaz:

Offering prayer has many benefits such as spiritual, religious, physical, mental, social, economic, social, etc. Just like Yoga, offering prayer relaxes your mind and soul. It is highly beneficial to activate all the seven Chakras as per the Yogic philosophy. It is highly beneficial for body muscles and blood circulation.
Namaz is one of the finest forms of meditation where you put your focus on God generously. It relieves stress and forms peace of the mind that ultimately prevents diseases. And also enhances concentration and reduces the level of depression. It keeps you fit as it involves stretching of muscles which burns extra calories. Hence, you get a flexible body and prevents obesity. It also keeps the balance of Anabolic and Catabolic biochemical processes of the body

The first two rakats of Fajar, Maghrib and Isha prayers are spoken aloud. Below are 5 daily prayers rakats:



Fard Sunnah


Nafil Witr Nafil Total
Fajar 2 2         4
Zuhr 4 4 2 2     12
Asr 4 4         8
Maghrib   3 2 2     7
Isha 4 4 2 2 3 2 17

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