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Our Purpose

We are offering Online Quran Memorization Course for your kids / adults. Memorizing Quran is the greatest blessing of Allah and save Quran in your heart and reciting the Holy Quran daily by heart will bless you in life and after life as well. Memorizing Quran is not difficult it’s just about the faith to memorize Quran. The time period of this course will be 18 months and our online certified Ijazah Quran tutors will memorize Quran to your kids. Schedule your first class with us by filling the form. We are providing free 3 days trial classes for your satisfaction.

How our professional Quran Teachers will memorize Quran to your Kids:

1. They will teach them the basics of Quran Alphabets and their meanings
2. They will memorize the Noorani Qaida
3. Than they will memorize the Quran from the beginning
4. At first, we’ll memorize one verse and later on we’ll increase the number of verses according to the capability of the kid.

What Things you should do for yourself to memorize Quran?

1. Have to attend Online Quran Memorization Classes 5 days a week
2. Should attend 50 to 60 minutes live Quran Classes from certified Quran tutor
3. Recite the Daily Lesson and revise it before the next Online Quran Class.
4. Should have a faith of memorizing Quran.

Quran Memorization

Our Procedure to memorize Quran

We have the following elements to do in the online Quran memorization course:

  1. A new lesson is the portion of 5 to 10 lines that you will read by the teacher with Tajweed and make sure that there is no mistake while reading it from the Holy Quran. Then you will revise it and memorize it at home at your available time. The next day, in the online memorization class you will recite it by heart to the teacher to make sure that you know it by heart.
  2. Newly memorized 5 to 8 lessons are recited to the Quran teacher every day after the new lessons are done. This is a necessary part to keep the memorization fixed. It is a daily routine to recite it time and again at home at your available time. Then recite it by the teacher.
  3. Old memorization revision is the portion that is left behind after the constant revision of the newly memorized part.
    Let us do the trial with this course and see how it works.