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“The Best among you(Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

5 Pillars of Islam and its Importance

Islam is based on 5 Pillars. These 5 Pillars plays very important life in Islam and we have to follow these 5 pillars of Islam. Every muslim should learn  pillars of Islam. But Question arises what are these 5 Pillars of Islam and what they taught us and how we can follow them. Let me tell you below.

5 Pillars of Islam:

1. Profession of Faith (shahada).
2. Prayer (salat).
3. Alms (zakat).
4. Fasting (sawm).
5. Pilgrimage (hajj).

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5 Pillars of Islam

Is it necessary to follow the 5 pillars of Islam?

That’s true,the 5 Pillars of Islam are the fundamentals of the Islam. Carrying out these obligations provides the framework of a Muslim’s life and weaves their everyday activities and their beliefs into a single cloth of religious devotion. No matter how sincerely a person may believe, Islam regards it as pointless to live life without putting that faith into action and practice. Live Quran classes provide you the best way of learning these religious obligations at the home pace. Muslims from various countries required online Quran learning courses. Quran teacher helps you and your kids to read and learn Quran. Carrying out the Five Pillars demonstrates that the Muslims are putting their faith first, and not just trying to fit it in around their lives.