Online Ijazah Course Program

“The Best among you(Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

What does Ijazah Mean?
Ijazah is the certification which is provided by the sheikh or Certified Ijazah male and Female Quran tutor. In this certification you have to recite the Quran by heart and with proper pronunciation in front of Certified Ijazah Quran tutors.

Be a certified Ijazah through us:
In this course you will learn how to recite Quran properly by heart. You will learn online Quran and its pronunciation from certified Ijazah Quran Tutors. You just have to learn proper way of reciting Quran by heart and you can be Ijazah Certified as well and can teach Quran others as well.

Certified Ijazah Quran Tutors:
We have certified Ijazah Quran tutors male and female both for Online Ijazah Course. After Completing Ijazah course you will be given certification of Ijazah as well.

Schedule yourself now:
Schedule yourself now with us by just filling the form and choose flexible timings of your own choice. We are providing free 3 days trial classes for your satisfaction.

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